Demo Submission

Submissions to the RuleML2011@BRF Challenge are composed of two parts:

  • an open-source or commercial demo
  • a demo paper describing research, implementation, and technical details of your submission.

Both demo and papers, have to be submitted to the website:

The demo paper consists of 4-8 pages as PDF file in LNCS format (, describing the demo show case, and a link to the demo/show case, e.g. a project site, an online demonstration, a presentation about the demonstration, or a download site for the demonstration.

Demo papers must be in English.

To ensure high quality, submitted papers will be carefully peer-reviewed according to the challenge evaluation criteria:

To better disseminate your work, please also upload your demo with a brief abstract presentation to this site by using the uploading facility on the bottom of this page.

Your demo will be also automatically added to the RuleML demo pool website to contribute to the further diffusion of your work:

Please notice that the submission of your work to several repositories not only promotes its spreading but also its availability in case of server failure. To this aim, in order to ease the reviewing process please add a link to a third-party resource or website containing a copy of your demo to the abstract that you are submitting.

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